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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wash Day

I got a dog, which has nothing to do with doing the wash...except now that I write that, it does. I feel like every 10 minutes I'm wiping up paw prints, cleaning up little gifts left for me by the dog, wiping up footprints left by children wanting to see the dog. Cleaning, which was an obsession thanks to my OCD tendencies has become my life. I cannot keep this pace up for much longer. So the dog, I named it Keiser. I love hearing my bold, German surname shouted from the hilltops here Los Laureles. I know, it's a bit arrogant and self-centered but what can I say, I'm a Keiser...turns out the dog is too. This morning Manuel was awakened by little Keiser and after gathering his wits he suggested we go to the river to clean the car...it's been badly needing a good wash since before Christmas. In that I had nothing much planned for the day I agreed and off we went to the mouth of the river where we spent the better part of the morning washing the car, washing ourselves and keeping my little German Shepherd Dog away from the tick-infested undergrowth. It was a lovely morning.

keiser absolutely loves manuel, cristian she could take or leave

down at the river

we brought juan carlos and gave him the task of washing the floor mats

ever, that's his name, ever


juan carlos again

chihua, playing with the sand and not doing much in the way of washing. he's been drifting away a bit lately, towards the older boys, i'm starting to worry for him.

manuel took control as if it were his car, he left me with little to do in the way of work

the apple of my eye


Nancy Marshall said...

Looks like fun ...washing the car in the river.
Your puppy is very cute. Keiser/King that's a good name :-)

What I learned... the hard way. I guess that dogs get all kinds of worms and the worms come not from eating bad food, but from eating fleas. The worms come from the fleas (huh? true.) So the key to keeping your dog form getting intestinal worms and heartworms is to keep the fleas off of him. I use Frontline. It is really expensive but...once a month application and it works.

What most people here do is they "purge" the animal with something to give him diarrhea. Once every month or every three weeks. That's about a $3 pill. The problem with that is it does not kill heartworms and the tapeworm's head latches on to the dog's intestinal wall and breaks off when the dog is purged... and it grows again..inside the dog.

Anyway. i didn;t know any of thi until my dog got worms really badly and they said hey haven't you been purging your dog..a nd I said huh?

so better than that get some Frontline. I think you have to wait until 8 months to use it the first time.

Have fun with king Keis.

Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

What a blessing those fellows have to have someone open their minds to new options and opportunities they never knew. Raising an awareness of the good inside of each. Great!