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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm really not like the rest of my family who talk ad nauseum about their ridiculous dogs and post cutesy pictures of those dogs all over the internet thinking that the world really cares about how cute Jada looks in a Santa hat. We're Mennonites, we aren't even allowed to celebrate Santa! Anyways, I'm really not like them but it's just that my pets, all 34 of them, are just so unique and intelligent and even Girlfriend says that my dog is more attractive than my siblings' dogs and she doesn't even like me so that has to count towards non-bias or something. The point is you just have to see what these little stinkers have been up to.

Ok honestly, have you just ever seen anything more adorable in your entire life?
I mean, not only does she curl up with Blas each morning but she knows to use the pillow for lumbar support and everything!
She may as well just pull a sheet up over top and hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the hutch there.
This dog is just too much.
Ok, now on to those silly ducks.
What tricks will they come up with next?
Perching themselves on a 20 foot wall with sharp implements of death waiting for them below?
Oh, these guys just know how to be cute in a risky, devil-may-care kind of way.
It's almost like they're saying "What does this make you nervous? Because if so we've accomplished our goal."
Man, these ducks are really one of a kind.
Probably the only water-phobic, wall-perching ducks in the entire world.
And they're de-lish!

Ok, to round this all out we have a rat.

He lives in a recycled fan cage on the floor of our non-functioning shower.
Blas, remember Blas, the bedfellow of my dog?
Well when Blas first came to us he brought with him a rat.
 Not wanting to be impolite I decided not to trample it to death right there on the spot but allowed it live in my shower.
Free-range style mind you.
Turns out Roscoe's really good at getting out of low-well showers and soon he had claimed the entire bathroom for himself.
Which puts a damper on all things related to bathroom activity.
I left for the U.S. and when I returned 3 weeks later I discovered that dear Roscoe had begun to explore other environs within the home; like under the bunkbed, on the pantry shelf or in my sock drawer.
I gave Blas an option; find Roscoe a home or he'll be the second course in this evening's dinner.
In that we live in a garbage dump it wasn't too hard to find something that could pass for a rodent's home by the day's end. 
And that is how we've come to have a rat living in a fan cage down by the river...I mean in my shower.
And isn't he just adorable?

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