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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Really Stinkin' Hot Here...

yes, of course you do, it's what keeps you from visiting me.
well, normally it looks like this:
recently though we've experienced a heat wave of disgusting proportions.
yes, disgusting is a good adjective to describe this inferno.
i feel disgustung when i rise from bed drenched in sweat, i feel disgusting as the sun penetrates my mind and teases my nerves all day long and i lie awake at night cursing my disgusting inability to sleep in a sauna.
do yourself a favor and don't visit honduras anytime in the next month.
oh yeah, so that waterfall looks like this now:

wait that's not right.
and who sits on top of victoria falls with a 4-year old?
is this for real?

oh, the waterfall...here it is for real:
just look at nature's power there!

the power to evaporate a waterfall.

we woke up this morning and it just seemed hotter than ever...just really stinkin' hot.
i didn't have much planned for the morning so we decided to head up to the mountains to visit a friend i know who has a pool.
we decided it would just be a family outing so that we wouldn't have to turn kids away or hurt feelings.
cristian opted not to come - he has a girlfriend now.
so it was just blas, santos and manuel.
 they really enjoyed themselves.
maybe too much actually.

we brought dog along too.
she ignored us though once she found a friend to play with.
 we quickly discovered that her friend was an erstwhile suitor with less than noble intentions for our little lady.
so we quickly packed it in, came home and made santos haul water for us.
he really likes to haul water.
so to summarize:

it's hot.
really hot.
so hot, our favorite waterfall has disappeared.
we decided to use a friend of mine for his pool today so as to escape the hotness.
we could have taken any number of children with us and rescued them, for a few brief hours anyway, from this wretched, dry, dusty community.
but we decided to be cruel and selfish and only invite ourselves.
cristian didn't want to come because some girl that barely has the will-power to look him in the eyes let alone talk to him has stolen his heart.
he thinks he's in love.
i want to puke and chain him to the furniture.
we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, that is until dog's honor was nearly called into question by a cad that lives at my friend's house.
we came home and made slave, i mean santos, haul water.
he likes it...i swear.

oh, and some strange, speedo-clad euro type thinks it's acceptable to perch with his tiny son-daughter atop a 360 ft. waterfall.
that's not hot.

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Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

Matt, the pool looks like our retreat spot. Was it? Just wondering.