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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember This Guy?

it's jamie moon.
he's a friend of mine from frazer mennonite church.
he visited me last year.
he showed up again 2 weeks ago.

let me digress for a minute from these one line snippets to say how much I truly appreciate his visits. There's no one quite like Jamie Moon and his probing questions and genuine curiosity force me to reflect and observe in ways that I don't have to when i'm alone here.

right so jamie showed up.
turns out i don't have many photos of him or our adventures.
were there adventures?
jamie do me a solid and write a blog post for me analyzing your time here...you're good at that.
and include some really hot fotos.

ok, the one adventure that we did have,
that includes some sort of photo documentation,
was a trip to the beach.
the eby's...
i've never properly introduced the eby's
list of things to write about...
the eby's wanted to take a day-trip to the beach and were kind enough to invite us along.
tati was turning 14 that very day so we invited him.
and when he showed up at my house at 7 in the morning for a 9:30 departure he had checho and hector en-tow.
on the way down the hill we saw abel and since we like him well enough we invited him along too.
so it were 5 eby's, 2 laureles gringos and 4 laureles kids off to the beach on a school bus to sambo creek.
we got off the bus and headed down this road for a good 10 minutes
 really enjoyed hector's shirt
it fits him well
in more ways than one
i'm smart
the beach we found is at the mouth of a nice cool stream
it's really the best of both worlds
swim in the ocean and then wash off the salt water in the stream
the beautiful and tempting hog islands in the distance
true to form the kids barely noticed the beautiful creation or the tempting river and ocean
instead they opted to do something they do every day.
play soccer.
except checho...he chose to wet his feet and then search for mangoes the rest of the day.
fun fun.

hector slide tackling the ball
too many cigarettes

losing interest

what have the eby's done to abel?

buried him alive is what they've done

 and here comes a little eby to finish him off
poor unsuspecting abel
growing weary of the charade 

 best friends
a child trying to splash me as i sit in the middle of the creek aiming for an artsy shot of the sea 

that child would be abel 
 just throwin' up water everywhere

he's really quite photogenic 

caleb drifting out to sea
love this shot
sister elyana
i think i spelled that right 

something happened off to the right there 
but tati and abel were too lazy to care and/or notice

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Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

Great snapshots and lots of interesting stories.