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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rain, Rain & More Rain

It's been raining here now for almost 2 weeks straight now and it's beginning to make life a little, well, wet. We're not even into full-on rainy season yet...remember my shot from last January? Anyway, I thought to give you a taste of what life in Laureles has been like lo' these rainy, dreary days.
a rain-soaked shot of the bridge between pizzaty and la ceiba-proper

betty from peace & justice showed up last week rounded up 30 kids and set them to work digging holes. we weren't really sure what for, we thought she might just like ordering children into work teams and having them dig holes in the middle of downpours but it turns out...

she had gotten la ceiba to donate some trees to plant around the building we use

the director of the municipal greenhouse came out and showed the kids how to plant trees...in the middle of a monsoon

looking on with interest

bayron dug right in

osmin taking charge

eduar enjoyed the easy job of distributing plants

in the front we planted ginger...which might offset the newly installed landfill right next door. i really have to blog on that tomorrow.

michelle and company opted for something completely different and decided to stay dry

if the juice from the garabge trucks doesn't kill them first these trees will eventually offer much needed shade to the building

salvador caring for a newly installed tree

afterwards i went to pancha's to beg some lunch and sit with jalmar for a little bit (he broke his ankle). I ended up staying most of the afternoon and decided to get some shots of the rainstorm. this then is their water-collection system.

the chickens trying to stay warm and dry in the presence of cuba the pig...they really named him cuba.

ok this is more appropriate for tomorrow's post...just keep this image in the back of you mind.

this one too

this one too...i'm really beginning to dislike him

in stark contrast this lovable old bat is maura and she just makes me laugh every time i see her.

and little old me, also trying to stay warm and dry despite my lack of a pig named cuba.

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