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Monday, October 11, 2010


Saturdays for me, for we really, are almost spent taking a day trip somewhere with the group of kids that I'm closest with, whether it be to some remote mountain stream or the mall to take coffee and see the sights. Saturdays are our day, it's become a tradition - outing in the morning/afternoon and church then in the evening. Usually we don't travel terribly far, maybe 30 minutes outside the city but now that we have a vehicle we've been hit with a sudden urge to explore some of the more distant places that thus far have been out of reach. This past weekend, as sort of an extension of Duke's birthday celebration we piled in the car and headed of to the port town of Trujillo or Truxillo (however you prefer it), it was here that Columbus first reached on the Honduras mainland and it's because of a remark made by that erstwhile explorer that Honduras received her name. I love Trujillo because it has retained much of its older architecture and history, it is quaint and beautiful and situated on a ridge overlooking perfect Caribbean waters. What more could one ask for? The following then are just a few of the sights we took in with some borrowed photos of the town from a previous visit in 2006.
the first mennonite church in honduras was established in trujillo and they now also have a christian school.

the church entrance

looking out to the ocean...bayron, by the by, was not impressed at all with the town, he called it an ugly, ugly place.

chihua and checho taking it easy

a look towards the center of town

the old fortress

central park and the catholic church

out for a stroll

go west young columbus


duke with the ubiquitous football


carlos, cristian, duke, oder and sergio...bayron was too disappointed with the town to want to take a picture.

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becca said...

they're getting so BIG!!! i miss them all! ... you know i'm just gonna hop on a plane soon...