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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Duke Turns 14

One of my favorite kids in all of Laureles celebrated his birthday today; Duke turned the big 1-4. I had written about Duke and his funny ways about a year ago, if you want you can read about it here. Duke is still his funny, quirky self but he's grown a lot this past year; he's in high school now, he's been one of our top goal scorers and the leader of our new soccer team and he's one of my most reliable kids in every respect. If I need something, he's there, if I need someone to step up and lead an activity or pray before a meal, he offers, he's always the first one to ask if we're going to church on Saturday and Sunday. I love this kid, he makes it easy to. Happy Birthday Duke.
ok this isn't duke, it's his cousin eduard holding a live crab he found wandering around outside, but he brought it in to celebrate the birthday just the same.

this is duke

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