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Monday, April 11, 2011

College Days

this past friday we loaded up 20 kids from our u-12 soccer team along with one of their coaches and 5 gringo handlers onto a bus that headed out to the public university. this is becoming routine for us, these university visits but we like them. we like the diversion, the change of scenery, the feel of true learning in the ambience, the chance to play soccer on real grass.

the first thing we learned is that someone did not in fact paint this tree various colors. although about half of our kids were convinced otherwise.

we also learned that hondurans generally assume that any dog that looks like this is hell-bent on slaying you at the first sign you might have let your guard drop.

seriously, i've never seen a nation of people so weak-kneed at the sight of a puppy.

i try to tell them she's friendly and loves to play but they act as though i too am part of the ploy to lure them to their dog-mauled deaths and avoid both of us as though we were typhoid mary's.

the girls opted not to play soccer in the sweltering sun and instead chatted with the kids as they came to take water breaks.

this one should probably get hung up somewhere at emm's central offices.

look, we're no longer at university!

we ended our time there around mid-day and went straight to a nearby swimming hole.

where we spotted...


a blurry leap

nery found a perfect seat

i was a little chilly

but not too chilly to pose

learning is fun.

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John (Juan) Donaghy said...

I think the tree is called "indio desnudo" - the naked Indian!