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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

YES, We Will Clean Your Floors, Daily!

The YES Team (Youth Evangelism Service) has been here for almost 2 weeks now and this is what my front porch looks like as a result. They just attract little children like magnets. I'm constantly shooing them away with my broom and they just come swarming back, eyes all-a-goggle, wanting to be near the newest Gringos in Los Laureles. The YES'ers have plugged right in and while their Spanish isn't the best/almost non-existant they don't lack for zeal or desire to share Jesus love with the kids; that comes shinning through. More than that they've been an encouragement to me to refocus my energies and reach out to a younger group of kids that I don't normally interact with much. As the weeks go by I'll be sharing more of the Team's adventures but for now be in prayer for us all - working with a team is a lot different that working solo or simply with a sidekick. Pray for my front porch and dusty floors as well...my OCD is kicking into overdrive.
so the team consists of curtis kauffman from belleville/lewistown area.

he's got a real dutchy/pa accent...i feel like i'm home.

carrie nofziger is the leader of this outfit.

her cousin married my babysitter.

small mennonite world.

this one, steve, he's some sort of methodisty-presbyteriany-evangelicalite that went to

messiah college. he's gonna be a pastor.

these three aren't part of them team

but they are a great example of children dirtying my floors.

blakely schwenk is a cornhusker, farm girl.

who has a drugged-up admirer

jackie seems satisfied with team's activities

heather vaccaro is a virginia mennonite that has taken my dog and it's love away from me.

those two boys, carlos and juan follow her around like lost puppies as well.

love this kid.

can't say it enough.

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kendra said...

let up on spicer every once in awhile. I'm mad at you for taking him from us for the summer. At least the camp hebron summer staff shirt is rockin' a picture. oh and keiser.. your floors are filthy! ugh