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As It Intersects With The Garbage Dump Community Near La Ceiba, Honduras

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why I Love Duke

The other morning I walked out onto my porch around 8:00, coffee cup in hand expecting to be greeted by relative silence and inactivity in my neck of the neighborhood and as I panned out across the landscape I was pleasantly pleased to see Duke teaching his younger cousin how to take shots on goal. This may not seem terribly significant, it doesn't now as I write this but at the time I was just struck dumb with pure feelings of pride and love for Duke. He could have been spending his vacation week as I might have done, asleep or with friends and instead chose to wake up early and help Jose learn the sport that is life here in Los Laureles.
I'm excited for the man I see him becoming; a compassionate, honest and respectful leader amongst his peers. I'm excited to see his growing faith and thirst for a meaningful walk with Jesus. I'm excited to see how his qualities, his faith, how is life in general is impacting the kids around him. When I think back and remember the post I'd written about him more than a year ago it seems as though I was only scratching the surface of who he is. He's still goofy, quirky and oblivious but also he's a leader, an encourager, he takes his life seriously, he feels a heavy weight and responsibility for his mother and 3 sisters, he wants to follow Christ completely but is unsure how or if he can. I can't say enough about him other than that I love him and want the world for him. Pray for Duke.

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