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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The YESer's Are A-Bloggin'

The other day I was reading back over Konrad's last blog entry and I found myself wanting to cry...I hate feelings. More than that I think it ought to be required reading for just about anyone wanting to do short-term mission/service work; the wisdom and insight that shines through in that post is brilliant and poigniant. Man I miss that kid. It got me to thinking though - I can sit down and write all day about the goings-on here in Los Laureles, my observations, my feelings and hopes; but to read another's perspective on this place is like shinning a light into dark corners that I didn't know existed. I may know Laureles, I may live here but I don't know everything and everyone; the way one child interacts with me may be totally different from how he/she interacts with another. I discovered that when Konrad was here, there were certain children, Duke in particular but others as well, that just opened up with him in a way that they couldn't with me, they loved him completely and were devastated by his leaving. I'm discovering that about the YES Team here as well and after reading their first few blog posts I'm coming to appreciate the joy that comes from working in a team setting; the varied experiences and observations coming together to edify and work towards a shared mission. I would encourage you then to check out the team's blog; for those of you that have been following my blog these past few years and feel like you've come to know Los Laureles, it may give you a new and exciting perspective on this place that we love so much.

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