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Monday, December 6, 2010

Laureles Football Redux

Although our kids ended their League-play in early October they've maintained that drive and passion for the sport and kind of by accident we were able to program 3 different days of games with 3 teams that don't participate in our league. One was in Club de Leones (those faithful readers out there may remember that I briefly worked with the youth there when I was with the Peace & Justice Project and still have contacts there), one wa in a very wealthy residential neighborhood and the last was in Sambo Creek, one of the Garifuna Villages outside of La Ceiba. I'm happy to report that we either won or tied all of our games and more than that, it was an opportunity to bring more kids into our team and establish leaders amongst the older youth. I allowed the older youth to organize the game dates, choose the players and manage the games...I simply provided the uniforms, transportation and water. It was a good week last week and it bodes well for our future as the Soccer Club of Los Laureles.

jimmy, a tiny but powerful defender

i love watching chamu play...just wish he were bigger

the older kids waiting for their game

chamu again


the older youth...these kids didn't actually lay with us last year because they were too old for the teams we had in the league...this coming year, assuming the funds come in, we'll submit 2 more teams so that these kids can play as well.

goal by blas, an incredible player and the main organizer of this past week's activities

cristian, struggling a bit as he learns to play with the older youth

another one of my favorites to watch play, duke

the older youth pose for a photo
front l-r: abel (not an older youth), jimmy, cuesta, cristian, eddy, mario, chihua
back l-r: colocho, blas, hector, oscar, makika, chele, pepa, jeta

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