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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Talent Sunday at Church

And the best act by far was the 1st & 2nd Grade Class with a traditional dance. Two of my kids, Chita and Ronald participated. You should have seen how they brimmed with excitment the entire week prior; Chita must have told me 20 times that he had to be at Church early on Sunday...reminds me of me with my Dad. His mom told me Sunday morning that he was up, bathed and ready for me at 6:00 am and far too nervous to even eat. I love the little things like that...who'd a thought that dancing in a talent show could have meant so much to those 2, yet it did and it's so simple, so easy...life doesn't need to be so complicated.

our kneeling cowboys, chita and ronald

i discovered that neither one really has rhythm

but they don't know that

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Nancy Marshall said...

Cute story about the boys eager to perform. I always enjoy how your love for the children comes through in your perspective.